Roger Vilder



Carrés Couleurs


This work focuses on the concepts of movement and temporality throughout his work. For him, movement implies, on the one hand, change, mutation from one state to another on the physical, psychological, individual or collective level, and on the other hand, the evolution of forms in their proportions, colours and textures.


Motion Picture


March, 2020

Roger Vilder He is one of the strongest artists who reflects on movement, with mathematics he converts interaction or retinal action into poetry.

Roger Vilder's first digital research dates back to 1971. They result in animated sequences. In 1973, he produced a series of computer drawings at the Canadian Meteorological Centre. From these drawings, serial sculptures and graphic works were produced.

He studied fine arts at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He works between Paris, Nîmes and Montreal, Canada.

He taught Fine Arts for 30 years in various institutions and universities in North America.

Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and the Kepes Association of Budapest, Hungary.

Since the mid-60s, he has been exploring movement through motor mechanics, digital research, algorithmic animations and neon. Through simple geometry, he expresses his observations of the world, forms to which he gives a slow, continuous movement of growth and decay. In doing so, shapes, spaces and colours are put in relation to each other, thus privileging the harmony of the composition in a space-time continuum, of a sensual and organic nature.

Important exhibitions in solid galleries and international spaces are announced soon.