Davis Lisboa





Animated gif from Davis museum concepts.


Motion Picture


October 10, 2017

“The Animated GIF From Davis Museum” is one of the 21 existing sections in the “Davis Museum, The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona”. The section consists of a collection of GIF animations made since 2016 by Davis Lisboa. The digital documents deal with the existing relations between the cultural politics and institutional critique, the conversion of the readymade as a cultural institution, the museum as a generator of social changes, art historical precedents and the conceptual relations of the museum as a symbolic object. “The Animated GIF” has subsections titled “Comics”, “Currencies”, “Exhibitions Posters”, “Google Maps”, “Library”, “Memes”, “Offline Exhibitions”,, “Online Exhibitions”, “Paintings”, “Poetries”, “Precedents”, “Quotes”, “Referendum”, “Screenshots”, “Videoexhibitions”, “Web”, “WhatApps” and “Stamps.” This section includes “Marcel Broodthaers (Stamps)”, an absurd loop animation, in which the artist uses the design of conventional letter stamps and make it visually pops. “Marcel Broodthaers (Stamps)” presents a diffuse limit between the irony and the homage of the artist.