David Guez



Hard Disk Paper ‘I love you’




Motion Picture


Nov, 2019

David Guez realizes artistic projects related to new medias that mainly focus on the themes of memory and time. He also worked on the realization of many collaborative platforms which question the uses and limitations of new technologies while offering new alternatives.

These projects are produced and present in many art center(Centre Pompidou, Jeu de paume Gaité lyrique, plateau, Centre Barbara, Banff, File Festival Brazil, ISEA 2015/2016…) and receive media coverage (New york times, the world, release, Télérama, France-culture…) and institutional support (CNC, SCAM, ARCADI).

Artwork description:

The hard disk paper ‘ I Love You’is the print in zero-one binary format of the code of the famous virus ‘I love You’.