Carlotta Aoun



alt: a cybernetic altar


In an era of consumerism and obsolescence, our desires are satisfied by the possession of the newest tech. alt is an altar to the worship of technology, a cybernetic altar to which the compulsive use of Internet and technological devices are offered.

alt starts with three “fundamental” – geometrical – shapes inspired by Paul Cézanne’s quote: ” […] deal with nature by means of the cylinder, the sphere and the cone, all placed in perspective, so that each side of an object or a plane is directed towards a central point”. They symbolize the origin of all beings and things: the sphere for infinity, the cylinder as a way to reach beyond, the cone as depth and perspective. The altar is built with our most desirable tech devices: smartphones, computers, tablets, routers, etc. The orgasms suggest that our desires are no longer satisfied by proximity of the other, but by proximity of technology. Particles of light emerging from a humanoïd represent energy, while the noise music stands as a ritual chanting for machines.

Music by shawné michaelain holloway:


Motion Picture


March, 2020

Carlotta Aoun is a Venezuelan-born / French-embraced artist, a disillusioned physicist and a keen observer of digital mutations.

She explores the (in)materiality of technology as it progressively blends in with organic structures. Often research based, her work combines fine art techniques with scientific experimentation and technology to create alternative realities, possibilities or dimensions.

Following her Fundamental Physics degree at the UPMC in Paris, she graduated from the MFA Design and Technology at Parsons – The New School.