Angelica Merenkova



Softness and free deilvery


The Screen unites the centre and the most distant corner of the Empire, it is the symbol of its unity, the source if its ideas and mythology.

And while the main TV channels manifest force and military power, the last channels of satellite TV show an endless parade of consumable goods. The dress will make you slimmer, the blouse – more presentable, and the stone in the earrings will help to find true love. The commodities are eager to take responsibility over the most important functions, bringing liberation to their owner. Having no more obligations, you may freely submerge into the desire, the lust for commodities.


Motion Picture


March, 2020

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1988.Graduated Bauman Moscow Technical University (aerian control systems).

Studied art if Free Workshops of Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA, 2011-2012), Baza Isntitute of Moscow(2012-2014).